MARCH 2016 - Youth Conference and 2nd Mission & Stewardship of Giving Conference
Youth Conference, Peterborough, Ontario

Praise God for a victorious Youth Conference at Victory Baptist Church in Peterborough, Ontario. The theme of the conference, The Amazing Race has resulted in the young people of MBBC Toronto making commitments and decisions before God to "Raise Up the Bar" and to live for the Lord Jesus Christ amidst this sin soaked environment we live in. What a great blessing to hear the young people's testimonies of how God is changing their lives and to see them committed to be used by God for His honor and glory. As a church, we pray that God will give them grace and a purposeful heart to be steadfast, to stay faithful to the decisions and commitments they made...and to finish the race that is set before them.

"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;" - Ecclesiastes 12:1 (KJV)

2nd Missions and Stewardship of Giving Conference

My heart is overflowing with joy knowing that the Lord and His Word has touched many hearts today and the past two days in our 2nd Mission's and Stewardship of Giving Conference. Our church offering today of $5,988.45 is one of the biggest on a regular Sunday. The best part of the blessings is that our commitment for Faith Promise Giving is $67,380.00 for the year or $1,295.00 weekly.

I am sure some who were not in the conference or may have not made a commitment yet will do so in the next few Sundays. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to be a channel of God's wondrous blessings. This is truly the hand of God working in our midst. Prepare for more great blessings for you and your family as I am sure it will be on its way. Pastor Pennell is equally amazed at how our conference turned out to be a great success that it is. It was indeed a great victory for the Lord and His Church. I love you all in the Lord.

Your Pastor
Pastor Gamy Romano

FEBRUARY 2016 - Pastor's Wife Appreciation Day, Couples' Night and Indoor Sports Fest

Pastor's Wife Appreciation Sunday

Behind every successful and great man of God, there is a strong, wise, hardworking and prayerful woman. The Pastor's wife. The Pastor's wife has a unique calling and her role is one of the toughest for women today. This role is extremely demanding, tiring, self-sacrificing, and emotionally draining. Yet, oftentimes the church tends to focus only on the man behind the pulpit and so often forget about the Pastor's greatest support, help meet, prayer partner, confidante, friend and wife.

On February 07, 2016, MBBC Toronto did not pass the opportunity and the privilege to express our heartfelt gratitude to our beloved Pastor's wife, Tita Sonia (as the church fondly calls her). Primarily, for everything that she had and have done for the ministry and for each and every member of the MBBC Toronto. Her deep faith in God, her selfless example, her devotion to the work of God and to her family have inspired and encouraged the women and teenagers of the church to be strong in the Lord and to continue serving God amidst the challenges of life. Together with Pastor Gamy, she never gives up on praying for and with us and because of that we as a church continuously grow spiritually and strive to be the child God wants us to be.

Couples' Night

February was MBBC Toronto's month of love. In view of this theme, MBBC Toronto held a banquet on Feb 13, 2016 at Hansik Korean Restaurant for married couples in the church to dine, enjoy and spend time alone together as couples.

The event was probably one of those kind of events that I would not miss for the world in the month of February and there were just so much fun and love within the four corners of the room. In contrast to the freezing weather outside, there's this special warmth radiating inside the event place. The wives arrived in their red dresses, stilettos, hair and make-up with their husbands in tow wearing their black coats and red long sleeves or ties. For a brief moment, everything else faded, and wives were simply the ladies, and husbands the gentlemen. Most of the activities took the couples down memory lane with a friendly singing competition using Kundiman songs and Skit (Drama) which story turns out to be the couple's love story. Also, a special award was given to a couple who had stood out among the crowd. The prize of the winners was an overnight stay in one of the hotels in Niagara Falls.

Indeed, what a great inspiration and encouragement it is to see these couples who braved the call to build a godly family of their own amid perils of uncertainties & to stay together for better or for worst, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health. May their Love and Commitment continue for as long as they both shall live.
Our deepest gratitude to the members who volunteered to babysit the kids for the couples to have some time alone and enjoy the night. Also, for the single gentlemen and ladies of the church who made themselves available to painstakingly plan, prepare not only to make the event possible but to make it romantic, special and a night to remember.

Our winners: Couple of the Night - Mr. and Mrs. Louie Tatoy, Drama/Skit Competition - Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Marquez, Singing Competion - Mr. and Mrs. Roy Aboanatin

Sportsfest Family Day

The best way to spend the holiday dedicated to families is to spend it with our family. Thus, MBBC Toronto held its Family Day Indoor Sports Fest held at Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario in celebration of February 2016 Canada Family Day. The event was well attended and we thank the Lord for the support of the MBBC Toronto families who defied the extreme cold weather to attend the event.

The group were divided into 2 teams; Green Warriors which became Green Veggies and Yellow Minions which became Yellow Scuba Divers. The highlight of the event was when the 2 teams compete to cheer for their individual teams. Aside from the cheering competition, there were other physical games such as volleyball, basketball and some Filipino traditional games. Best Player and Most Valuable player were chosen after the event. To sum the day up, it was a wonderful and productive day of fun and laughter with the whole family. Thank you MBBC Toronto church family for making February 2016 Family Day a great one.

> October 2015 - A Successful Mission Trip to Alberta

Dear MBBC Toronto Family,

Please pray as we continue to seek the will of God for a church plant here in Edmonton, Alberta. We are looking at the communities here and talking to people. This coming Friday evening, we will have a meeting with the possible pioneering members of MBBC Edmonton. There are going to be nine of us in what may possibly be a historic meeting for a future mission work and later on an independent fundamental Baptist church here in Edmonton. Pray for these families and individuals: Shiela and Pedro, Teresa and Herman, Armeline, Aillane, and Maribel. Let us pray that many more will be added by the Lord before the first service actually happens which we hope will be soon. Pray for a man to be called to lead the congregation here. These are exciting endeavors for the body of Christ to propagate and multiply according to His Word. Make yourselves a great part of history and continue being a channel of God's blessing and work here on earth. God bless you all,

Your Pastor  

This may be the start of something wonderful, please pray for the birth of MBBC Edmonton soon! This is how it may all have started...

September 2015 - A Successful Church Anniversary!

Dear MBBC Toronto Family,

As we were united in seeking God's leading and blessing towards a victorious 10th Anniversary Celebration of our church, I enjoin everyone to again be in one mind and in one spirit in giving our utmost thanksgiving and praise to our loving Lord for answering our prayers. Our 10th Anniversary yesterday was indeed a momentous event punctuated with victory. The program was seamless, the message was clear, and reception to the gospel was warm. Most of all, there was a good harvest of souls. Fourteen souls came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, snatched from the fires of hell, and on their way to heaven. Add to these are those who were given assurance of their salvation. Our sacrificial giving and thanksgiving offering was also a blessed one. More than nineteen thousand in total came in and there were in excess of fourteen thousand more in commitments. I am praying that those commitments will come in soon, as the Lord is truly faithful to us. I am urging others to give their sacrificial giving and thanksgiving offering or commitments, if they have not done yet, and not miss out on God's outpouring of His blessings. I am awed at how the Lord has caused our church to grow in maturity. We are now a truly giving church, a vessel, and a channel of God's wondrous blessings. Thank you for knowing and living the truth. For not attending church, but being the church. For knowing our heavenly purpose, for not being attached to this world and the things of this world, and for counting spiritual blessings more desirous than material prosperity. Let us all join hands in moving the body of Jesus Christ forward, the local church called Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church Toronto.

God bless you all as we strive together in love.
Your Pastor