2017 Events

JANUARY 2017 - 1st Annual Youth Winter CampFerence

1st Annual Youth Winter CampFerence: Praise God for a very successful Youth Winter CampFerence 2017 held at FBBC, Montreal, Quebec. Pray for all the decisions and commitments made by the young people. Let us continue to pray for these Young Preachers who each gave a great message during the 1st Annual Youth Winter CampFerence in Montreal, Quebec, January 5 -7, 2017.

Winter Campference Testimonies

"Dear FBBC Youth,"

"As I said to others before, leaving Montreal did not feel like leaving friends we just met. It felt like we were leaving half of our youth group. Coming back home was a bittersweet experience. Sad because we were leaving new friends, but blessed to know that we created new relationships that will hopefully last long into the future! No church is perfect, but stay strong, trust in God and never cease in prayer. God has a purpose for us all regardless of where we may be, and we ARROWS hope that you take comfort in the fact that you have brethren here in Toronto praying for you."

Till we meet again,
MBBC Arrows
(by Bro. Chris Romano of the MBBC Arrows)


"Had a huge blessed Sunday today!"

"I am so blessed by listening to the testimonies of our young people about their experiences and blessings at MBBC & FBBC Winter CampFerence 2017. Everyone is really blessed. It is really one of our most memorable memories, being with an awesome youth group in Montreal. I praise and thank God for being able to fellowship with the FBBC youth. It is truly a blessing to see such an amazing work there in Montreal. I praise and thank God also for the brethren there and their servant's hearts. How they welcomed and accommodated us is really an overwhelming experience. I will continue to pray for the church and the ministries there, for pastor, and for the youth and all the brethren at FBBC. Please pray for us, too, as we go continue serving the Lord and following the will of God in our lives."

1 Timothy 4:12 KJV Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

(by Bro. John Roy Abotanatin of the MBBC Arrows)


"Just got home from Montreal. Winter camp was truly a blessing. Had a great time hearing so many preaching messages and having fellowship with the FBBC youth. Praise God for His travelling mercies and all the people He used to make this event possible. Praise God also for FBBC and their hospitality and warmth (despite the cold weather, haha) Looking forward to family camp and our youth leadership conference this March!"

(by Sis. Trixie Velasco of MBBC Arrows)


"Good evening brothers and sisters in Christ. In French, bonne soirée mes frères et soeurs en Christ."

"I really praise and thank the Lord for the wonderful opportunity that He has given us to be able to fellowship with each one of you, MBBC ARROWS. I really cannot explain how blessed and thankful I am to have met all of you.
Your presence was truly an encouragement and blessing to each one of us here in Montreal. It’s so amazing how God really works in our lives. It was also great how we all bonded together as if we all have met before, all because of God’s grace. Yes, indeed, three days were not enough, but I am so glad and blessed that I was able to spend my last days of winter vacation with amazing, wonderful and kind children of God before I start my first day in university tomorrow. I definitely learned a lot from you guys, especially from all the preachings.
I’m praying that we will all see each other again soon and have fellowship together. Let us all serve the Lord with all our heart and be faithful to HIM. Please, pray for our church, especially for our Pastor and the youth group here in Montreal."

Je vous aime tous

(by Sis. Jeizelle Ramos of the FBBC Youth)


"About 48 hours. In only about 48 hours, you guys have done something eternal here in Montreal. For that, I am grateful, and I praise and thank God for you, MBBC Arrows. Our God is truly amazing, and His grace has never ceased to reach for us. Thank you for being an encouragement and an amazing blessing to us. Thank you for your willingness, your sacrifices, and allowing God to do great things through you. I see Christ when I see you guys. You guys are my brothers and sisters – my family in Christ. For this reason also, please, please, do keep in earnest and fervent prayer. I'm praying for all of you, and please do pray for us also. There are trials, troubles, storms and famines up ahead, but please remember that your God is a God that never changes. Keep serving with your whole heart, keep running, and never give up. Seek God's will in all areas of your lives."

"Till March, keep marching on"

(by Bro. Arlo Dave Peculados of the FBBC Youth)


"Blessed Sunday to all!"

"Hoping that everyone is doing well. I know that most of us are experiencing body aches because we weren't able to sleep properly and that some of us have lost our voices - laughing, talking and of course, for praising our God in songs and in words...but at the end of everything, it was all WORTH IT.
Praise the Lord that you guys have arrived safe there in Toronto. We couldn't thank you enough for the joy and the great encouragement you have shared to all of us here in Montréal. If only you guys know how happy we are and how we thank the Lord for using all of you to remind us of how amazing our God can work, especially through us youth, and how real HE is despite the bitterness, heartaches and discouragements in life. Three days weren’t enough, but you all have brought joy in our hearts and have left great memories that we'll forever be thankful for. Thank you for sharing your lives to us, guys. Thank you talaga nang marami. Continue to be the "Barnabas" of our generation."

À la prochaine

(by Sis. Nethia Lendio of FBBC Youth)