OF MBBC TORONTO "Christian Nannies for Christian Families"


The Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church Toronto is an independent, fundamental Baptist church located in the city of Toronto. Started in September 2005, by its pastor, Gamy Romano, the church is growing and has been reaching people, mostly Filipinos in the area. One unique feature of MBBC Toronto is that it is reaching a lot of Filipino caregivers who come to Canada to establish a new life, where they hope to bring their families soon Just like the early church where they have to minister to a lot of widows caused by persecutions by the Romans, the MBBC Toronto finds itself with a unique ministry of reaching out to caregivers and newcomers who find themselves sometimes lost in a new and strange country. MBBC Toronto is discovering that some unscrupulous agencies, for a hefty fee, bring some of them here to Canada using fictitious employers. The caregivers will therefore end up coming here without employment, without status, fearful, lost, and frustrated. Driven into this situation, the caregivers are forced to accept any kind of employment in families where the work situation is sometimes demeaning, cruel, and inhuman. Others are simply sent home. We have some members who had this kind of experiences.


.One of the most unacceptable situations our church found out is that some Christians are forced to work on Sundays against their will or just agreed for fear of losing their jobs. We were able to help some and we aim to help a lot more. It is in this regard that we created the ministry for caregivers, called The House of Ruth. The main objective of this ministry and its initial program called "Christian Nannies for Christian Families" is to free the Christian caregiver from this unfortunate situation by helping them find a suitable employment, and what better employment there is than getting them into Christian families where their right to worship our God on Sundays is respected.


According to labour statistics, Canada has a shortage for caregivers while there is a growing demand for the services. There are insufficient Canadians or Permanent Residents available to fill these needs. The Canadian government, in response to this, created the Live-In Caregiver Program where qualified individuals coming from other countries can apply as live-in caregivers. A live-in caregiver is someone who provides continuous, full - time unsupervised care of children, the elderly, or the disabled in a private household. This program is exclusive to a live-in situation where the caregiver stays and lives with the family. As an incentive, the live-in caregiver is eligible to apply for permanent residency to Canada, after completing the requirements within a period of time. A live-out caregiver is one who is already a resident or citizen of Canada.


As believers we are to be our brother's keepers. The Bible admonishes in Philippians 2:4 to "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others." Also in Galatians 6:10, we are told that "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men especially unto them who are of the household of faith." Should you or anybody you know of, either now or in the near future, will have a need for a caregiver, please allow us to match them with a fine Christian caregiver from our church. We will give the family the chance to interview the Christian caregiver and let them agree on all terms of the employment relationship. In an unlikely event that we will not have anyone available immediately, we can opt to help the family sponsor one either coming from Hongkong or the Philippines. This matching process, except government required fees are all done at no cost to the family or the sponsor. Our efforts are a ministry and we will not charge for our services.


By being an employer to a Christian caregiver, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be a blessing to the Christian caregiver and fulfill the Scriptures in exercising love to others.
  • Be a help to a Christian caregiver in meeting a need of employment.
  • Help the Christian caregiver be in a Christian home with loving environment.
  • Help the Christian caregiver to be free to worship God every Sunday and serve in the Church where he / she belongs.
  • Be assured that the person living with you is not a stranger but of a kindred spirit.
  • When left alone with your loved ones, you are rest assured that they are in good loving care.
  • Your children can be taught respect, prayer, and good behaviour, and language by the Christian caregiver/nanny.
  • You help the cause of the gospel as these caregivers are committed to serving the Lord and winning the lost for Christ. Putting them in a favorable employment situation will help make that happen.

  • We will provide qualified and experienced caregivers. Our goal is to make parents feel confident and comfortable when leaving the children home by providing friendly, responsible, experience and God-fearing nannies.
  • We are committed to the needs of the family members, whether young children or elderly and will strive to develop trusting relationship.
  • We will carefully match our caregivers to the specific needs and personality of the individual or family.
  • Our caregivers are carefully screened and selected. They have undergone First Aid and CPR training. We can provide extensive reference and criminal background check as needed.

    Address : Please contact us for our exact location Telephone : (647) 220-5609 Email : mbbctoronto@yahoo.ca / info@mbbctoronto.ca